Sunday, August 3, 2014

Review: Using Menulog for online food delivery

Some nights its all about convenience. When you don’t want to cook and you don’t want to change out of you sloppy track pants to eat out at a restaurant (especially during winter!). At the same time you don’t want to settle for a KFC run (my guilty pleasure) or reach for the packet instant noodles. That why I was keen to review the solution provided by Menulog when I was offered. Menulog kindly provided me with a voucher for me to try this new food delivery service.

So first of all the design is modern and straight-forward. After punching in my postcode I found about 8-10 takeaways in the area. At the page, it also shows customer satisfaction rating as well as the discounts offered by ordering using Menulog.

I couldn't look past my local Thai place to be the test run. I also saw they had 10% off for the first order so a good place to start.

Once you jump into your chosen restaurant up pops the full menu, neatly organised with a “Popular Dishes” section. The menu was also simplified by there being subcategories of dishes. For example after selecting Green Curry I was then prompted to choose the type of meat and the level of spice.

We have all been to a local Asian restaurant where the menu is half the length of the last Harry Potter book with multiple hand drawn price changes and the scratched out items. And then there is news stories like this in Sydney where the menu you ask for determines the price you pay for food!!!

After loading up on some delicious sounding dishes it was a matter of credit card details and submit. Great news for this particular Thai place was that there was no delivery fee. Shortly after submitting I received a text message saying when the order would be ready. Alternatively, you could place the order ahead of time and ask for a specific day and time for it to be delivered to your doorstep. 

The food arrived on time and piping hot and was in my belly before I knew it. For a first time try it all worked very smoothly. I would say I definitely recommend using Menulog for the sake of convenience, it makes food delivery a lot easier and it's free. You never know, you might discover a hidden gem of a restaurant servicing your area. The last thing you want to do is go trailing through every page of Urbanspoon or go on a frustrating search for a up to date menu online.

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